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  • STS, maven, and using bundled artifacts

    Hi everyone,

    I have looked all over the net and these forums for an answer to this, but I will admit I am relatively new to STS and maven, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.

    I am trying to use jackson (JSON Mapper from and simply cannot get STS to include the databind module in the Maven Dependencies. Adding the databind package in the POM dependencies causes the jackson core and annotations to be added to the dependencies, but databind does not. When I try to use databind in code, it cannot resolve the import. I have used maven to manage my dependencies in various other projects and while sometimes I had to rebuild dependencies / clean projects to get things to show up, I cannot seem to get this package to load. The one thing I see different is that this project is packaged as a BUNDLE, not a jar or war, so it shows BUNDLE in STS and not snapshot or release.

    I have tried removing and re-adding the dependencies, cleaning the project in STS and a maven clean target, closing and re-opening the project and STS, rebooting the laptop, deleting the jackson tree from my local repo (~.m2/repository), deleting the ENTIRE repository to force it to rebuild, pretty much everything I can think of.

    Am I missing some simple thing here? Any help is appreciated.

    I have included screen shots of me trying to add the module as well so you can see what is happening.



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    I am not familiar with Jackson, and so I don't have an immediate answer. But, there are some things that you can try.

    First, can you paste the relevant parts of your pom.xml here? My guess is that the dependencies are being added incorrectly.

    What happens if you change the packaging type of your project to jar or war?

    Also, try compiling on the command line (use 'mvn compile'), this will let you know if the problem is with m2eclipse or maven. (m2eclipse is STS's support for maven, it is a separate project, but one that we have some experience with).


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      I was able to resolve the problem. The solution was to simply go into the POM.xml file and remove the type bundle attribute from the dependency so that it looked like the others. After doing so and rebuilding the workspace, all was well.


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        Thanks for letting us know and good to hear you got it working!!!