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  • Slow IDE

    I'm using STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) and if I type something (like simple tabs or spaces) then STS takes a long time to respond: why?

    It seems to happen with long files .groovy.. (~700 rows)

    Any idea? any trick?

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    I am seeing similar performance issues with STS 2.9.1 running under Ubuntu 11.10 (VirtualBox). I have plenty of processor power (the vm has 3 3GHz Xeon processors) and memory (4GB), so that shouldn't be an issue.

    It is so slow to build a war and deploy it that when I try to test with the vFabric tc Server the server times out!


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      Ok, but it's not usable as editor! I can't wait up to some seconds anytime I type a character in some files.

      Maybe you could disable some content assist kinds, but I don't know which ones and if this is the right way to follow..


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        I just replied to your thread on grails-user. As Andrew mentioned, look in the STS error log (accessible through Window>ShowView>ErrorLog - or some other similar path to showview on windows). Does it have anything unexpected in it?

        And please raise a jira at to cover the slowness
        and we can use that to track progress on the problem.



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          Thanks for the response, Andy. I will post the results of the error log as well as raise a jira.


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            Andy, Quantum

            I have resolved the IDE issue in my environment. I tried the following:

            - Changed JDK from OpenJDK to Oracle (no effect)
            - Added ~.5 GB of RAM (large effect)
            - stopped using firefox as browser and went to Chrome (noticeable effect)
            - turned off Folder Sharing in VirtualBox (noticeable effect)

            In other words, it turned out that memory and some processor overhead were causing the problems. I started top and looked at how much vm STS was using and realized that between STS, Firefox, and Ubuntu I was woefully short of VM. I also found some comments on the web that VB folder sharing could cause delays (from being based on Samba).

            So I bumped the available memory, ended using Firefox (Chrome uses about 50% of the VM in my usage patterns), and switched off shared folders. STS is quite responsive now and usable.


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              Thanks for the feedback Mike. There is now an issue open related to the slowness that QuantumUniverses was seeing which doesn't sound memory related (but you never know) . Under that jira I'm asking for stacktraces (jstack) when it is on a 'go slow' to see if we can pinpoint what it is doing.