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  • Qs on License for use of IDE tools.

    Hello All,

    I recently contacted SpringSource for a license related question, and was told that I needed to purchase an Enterprise license costing roughly 800 GBP per year !

    My gut feeling is, that they did not understand what I need, and hence this post.

    All I want to do is develop Commercial apps (for re-sale or as a hosted service offering) using Spring API's, in Eclipse. (I am sure this does not require any fees to be paid)

    In addition, it would be great to use STS, but if not, then just Spring IDE for **FREE** :-)

    Am I correct in understanding, that none of the tooling is FREE if I intend to re-sell a product developed using
    the IDE ?

    If that is correct, then I guess I would just have to stick to basic Eclipse for tooling.


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    Hmm.. now I come across this

    Which says that STS can be used to develop apps that can be "sold"......

    Please, can someone clarify ?


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      Am I correct in understanding, that none of the tooling is FREE if I intend to re-sell a product developed using
      the IDE ?
      As far as I know, this is not correct. The link that you have in your previous comment has the correct information. STS is free to use. You are free to develop apps that you intend to sell. You may not redistribute the closed source pieces of STS.

      Please let me know where you found your previous information as it appears to be incorrect.


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        Thanks Andrew,

        The information I got (about STS not beign free if used to re-sell a developed app) is a combination of reading the license of STS and also a direct question posed over the phone to the Spring Licensing team.

        Although I am pretty certain, that the person who handled my call, and then emailed me, may have TOTALLY mis-understood what I wanted.

        They were trying to sell me a license which costed a LOT for a per-cpu / per-year license, which somehow just did not make sense to me.

        I mean MyEclipse sells for just $30 or so.... I guess my company would pay $300 for STS... if it was a one time cost, and not per-year.

        SO the rather large cost per-year just did not seem to make sense to me.

        Thanks again !!


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          I can confirm that USING STS to develop commercial applications is possible and does not require you to purchase a license.
          You are NOT ALLOWED to sell a commercial product that CONTAINS STS as part of it (which is not the case if you use STS as your IDE to develop apps) without buying a license.

          The irritation from the phone call might come from the fact that STS is using a similar (or the same) license as tc Server and you might got the information related to tc Server (maybe, don't know, just guessing).



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            Thanks Guys !!

            Hope this thread helps others as well.