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  • Repeatable NPE while saving workspace state

    This is probably purely an Eclipse problem, but I am using STS, so I suppose I should try to pursue this here.

    Since a few days ago, every time I exit Eclipse, it fails while "saving
    workspace state" with the following:

    Problems occurred while trying to save the state of the workbench.
    Could not write workspace metadata

    At the time of the failure, this is a "ls -lt" of that ".root" directory:
    total 12000
    drwx------+ 3 dk068x Domain Users 0 Dec 22 08:38 ./
    -rwx------+ 1 dk068x Domain Users 13607 Dec 22 08:38 332.tree*
    -rwx------+ 1 dk068x Domain Users 77552 Dec 21 17:48 .markers.snap*
    drwx------+ 6 dk068x Domain Users 0 Dec 16 11:10 ../
    -rwx------+ 1 dk068x Domain Users 19274 Dec 16 09:11 .markers*
    -rwx------+ 1 dk068x Domain Users 12172581 Dec 16 09:11 331.tree*
    drwx------+ 2 dk068x Domain Users 0 Jun 23 2010 .indexes/

    I looked in the .log file, and there is no stack trace for this NPE, or any
    messages that seem to be relevant to this.

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    After opening STS again, can you take a look at the Error Log view to see if the NPE is logged there, possibly with a stack trace?
    The other option would be to delete the .metadata directory of your workspace completely and create a new one at the same location, but that would also delete all your configs and is therefore obviously not the preferred way to go, but I would do it in case this error persists. This doesn't delete all your projects from the disk. You would just need to re-import them into your workspace after deleting the workspace metadata.



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      Unfortunately, I'm finding that after repeating this consistently for several days in a row, it wasn't long after I posted this note that I stopped seeing the symptom.

      If it were to happen again, are you really saying that the stack trace might show up after it restarts, even if it wasn't there at the time the error dialog appeared?


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        Glad to hear its working again. What I meant is that most of the errors are logged in the internal Error log of Eclipse/STS that you can access via the Error Log view from within Eclipse/STS. Therefore if saving the workspace fails with an error, the error might have been logged there and you could take a look at that after restarting Eclipse/STS.