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  • Groovy compiler error, Jochen confirmed groovy bug, anyway to mute it?

    Andy et al, hi.

    Jochen confirmed this bug over on Groovy user and has no solution until 1.8.3 ;-(

    Any chance we can mute this highly annoying compiler error?? Literally every time a change a Grails class that extends from an abstract base class that uses a beforeInterceptor {} (see above thread for details), then I get this undefined type V compiler error. My Grails app runs just fine, as does STS (no visible error other than the error log popping up all the time, annoying stuff).

    Perhaps there's a way to catch the compiler error vs writing to STS log? Maybe in 2.8 release you guys are working on (which I am loving, btw, keeps getting better & better ;-))

    Keep posted..


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    It may be highly annoying but it is telling you something that needs fixing, I'd rather fix it than mute it... as hiding it may have unexpected consequences.

    If you can give me a sample project that shows the problem then I can look to address it. As we don't have an STS issue for this (we are hijacking this one at the moment: ) - if you raise an issue and attach a failing project, I'll take a look.

    If it is fixed in 1.8.3 we can port that fix into our patched compiler. Some of the instances of this problem have been fixed in recent grails snapshots (as it was grails transforms causing the inconsistency) - are you on a recent grails snapshot? (post M2)



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      bump... if you do have time to create a test case, I will look into the root cause of this...