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  • Nagging dialog for Subclipse authentication

    since I use SpringSource ToolSuite 2.7.1 and installed the latest Subclipse Plugin (1.6.x), this plugin ask's me every time I commit something into the repo for my password, regardless I've enabled the 'Save Password' checkbox. As I know, the Subclipse plugin doesn't store the credentials itself, instead use the authentication informations from the underlying SVN adapter so I try the following without any success:

    1) delete ~/.subversion/auth

    2) delete ~/.eclipse_keyring

    After restarting STS the password dialog prompts again every time.

    With Eclipse Indigo and the same Subclipse Plugin installed, this strange behavior doesn't happend, the passowrd is taken automatically as expected. If I use svn from the command line, after I initially enter my passwords, it's used automatically and doesn't annoying me any longer.

    Any sugggestions, why this doesn't work under SpringSource Toolsuite ?

    Kind regards Dominik

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    This sounds indeed like a strange bug. STS doesn't do anything specific here (in addition to Indigo), so when it is working in Indigo, it should also work in STS. Did you check the settings for your secure storage if there is a difference between your STS installation and the Indigo one? Sometimes I find the native keystore integration not working and when disabling it, things work again. Can you take a look at this (or maybe other differences)?



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      The settings for the secure storage are equal. But it seems, that these setting aren't used, the mentioned file doesn't exist. In the meantime I've installed the STS 2.7.2 update and a fresh Subclipse Plugin, but without success, the dialog popups again for every commit. After that, I create a new user, copy the whole STS 2.7.2 install dir including Maven, tc and the just installed Subclipsed plugin to a dir shared for all users. I have to fix the file permissions of the maven subdir due to lack of read permissions for the new user. I checked out a project from svn and modified it. After the initially question for username/password, this dialog don't popups any longer. It seems, that for this new user, things went fine. I switch back to the original user and start STS 2.7.2. from exactly the same place, the shared dir. But ... you predict it ... the dialog popups again and again and again .... It seems to be something wrong with any of my user settings, but which one ? I've delete ~/.subversion/auth and the whole ~/.subversion too. No way to avoid the constant question for the password for the given user. Mhm, strange, any further tips or suggestions ?


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        Hmmm... I am afraid but I don't have a good idea how to solve this. It seems especially strange to me that STS behaves different that Indigo with regards to the Subclipse plugin and password management, we haven't changed or added anything in this space... Sorry for not being more helpful here...


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          SOLVED: the reason was, that the do not has access to the MacOS X KeyChain for the SVN password. So therefor it has to ask again and again. The used was added as trusted app for accessing the stored svn password. Strangely, I can't add to the list of trusted apps for the SVS password entry, but thats another question...
          If I activate the 'access for every program' checkbox, is enable to read this password and don't ask any longer !