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  • How To Stop STS Cloud Foundry From Doing A Build On Every Change


    Cloud Foundry is working nicely as a demo site now that I gave it enough memory. But the STS plugin is making me crazy! Every time I made a change, it tries to build a war.

    How do I turn that off? I already have it set to Never publish automatically.


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    Hi Brad,

    I am guessing you are using Grails?

    Unfortunately, I don't think you can turn that off. It would not be doing this if the server was not running, but I don't think cloudfoundry has an 'off' switch.
    I understand this can be annoying if the war build runs to often and there should be some way to turn this off. Probably the war build should not run if publishing is turned off. I should look into how this can be achieved by the grails run on server functionality.

    (May be a bit trickier than it seems, since the code that builds the war file is not actually part of the server side code and it is really unaware of what server its being built for, and so it is trciky to know if it is being built for a Server that won't publish the result. If we are building the war... it means the server code was asking us for the module contents...

    Anyhow this is something for us to figure out :-)

    I'll raise a Jira issue for this improvement and post a link here later.


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      Issue raised. I'll try to fix this for the next release


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        Hi bdrhoa, I investigated a bit and it looks like this problem is already fixed in 2.7.0.M2. So you might want to upgrade :-)

        Also, if you don't feel like doing this, I think you may be able to stop the war builds by disconnecting from the CF server (right click on it in servers view). I think that will stop the war builds from happening.

        I also discovered that "publish" in the cloudfoundry UI seems to be "meaningless". There are few open issues around already, and I also noticed like you, that the publish options on the server conf page seems to be not doing anything at all. So I've raised a Jira for this. The Cloudfoundry team probably is already aware of this problem, but there was no logged issue about it yet.