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  • "The import org.springframework cannot be resolved"

    In the tradition of Homer and Virgil, I begin the story
    in medias res. I have just succeeded in getting the
    SpringSource Tool Suite to start up without crashing.
    This is after more than one month of trying. What
    finally worked was adding the following two lines to


    This is, apparently, an initiation rite. Only the
    programmers who can figure out the two secret lines
    that must be added to STS.ini are worthy of being
    allowed to use the SpringSource Tool Suite. But enough
    of the backstory; we are to begin, as indicated above,
    in medias res.

    Within the STS, I created a new Spring project, and
    then I created 4 files. A "Hello World" interface
    defines the arguments (none) and the return value
    (none) of a "Hello World" service. A "Hello World"
    implementation class implements the service by
    performing System.out.println on a private field. This
    field is given its value ("Hello World") in hello.xml.
    Finally, a "Hello World" driver class, he that is
    furnished with the public static void main,
    instantiates an XmlBeanFactory from a ClassPathResource
    instantiated from "hello.xml", invokes the getBean
    method on said bean factory to retrieve a bean, and
    invokes the "Hello World" method on said bean.

    If there can be a simpler Spring project than this, I
    am at pains to imagine it.

    Of the 3 Java class files, only the "Hello World"
    driver class refers to any Spring libraries. This is
    the file that the STS rejects, flagging the very first
    line with the error "The import org.springframework
    cannot be resolved".

    The conventional wisdom, gleaned from sifting thru the
    numerous postings in this forum, recites that I must
    "right-click on [my] project, then 'Properties -> Java
    Build Path -> Libraries' and check whether [I] have the
    spring library JARs in the place that is mentioned
    there. If not, just re-add them to your classpath
    within this dialog." There may be an alternate
    universe in which this conventional wisdom is useful.
    In the universe that I inhabit, when I right-click on
    my project, and then select "Properties" from the
    pop-up menu that appears, the window that pops up does
    not offer any user interface component labeled with
    "Java Build Path", or anything equivalent to it, or
    remotely resembling it. Rather than describing the
    window that does pop up, I have placed a screenshot of
    it on my webserver, and the gentle reader may see it at
    You will note that there is nothing in that window that
    offers to add JARs to my project. Nor is there
    anything in the menu that pops down from the "Project"
    menubutton in the STS menubar that can lead to the
    promised bliss. There is a "Properties" menuitem in
    the pop-down menu, but it is insensitive to user

    I understand that you may not wish to answer me on this
    public forum, because these are hidden mysteries, not
    to be revealed to those who have not proven their
    devotion to Spring. But I have proven myself. I have
    spent nearly two months trying to get this bloody thing
    to work. If you wish to respond privately, please send
    e-mail to [email protected], or telephone me at
    (1-773)7613784. Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    If you struggled so long why not seek help earlier... In general installing STS is download, unzip and run... If that isn't working you must be having something else in your environment that isn't supported. Judging from your screenshot you are using some linux or bsd based OS.

    Although I don't really like the tone of your mail I'm still going to respond. I suggest removing the project (or simply start a new one), create a java project and afterwards add the spring nature. For some reason the project you created isn't a java project (either that or your STS/eclipse is screwed).