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    I'm running STS SpringSource Tool Suite and after importing the OAuth project into the workspace I'm having the following error related to the XSD.

    Cannot resolve the name 'beans:identifiedType' to a(n) 'type definition' component. spring-security-oauth2-1.0.xsd

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? The error is being marked at the line 303.

    ------Something before...
    <xs:extension base="beans:identifiedType">

    <xs:attribute name="resource-id" type="xs:string">
    The resource id that is protected by this filter
    if any. If empty or
    absent then all resource ids
    are allowed,
    ------ Continues.....


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    That's a feature of STS (trying to be clever and importing XSD from project classpath it fails to find the spring core ones). Raise a JIRA ticket there if you want to really solve the problem, but my understanding is that it is a compromise - users who do not edit custom XSDs are far more numerous than those that do, so it's better to support the larger group.

    You can work around it by adding the spring-beans-3.1.xsd to your XML Catalog in Eclipse (look in Preferences). You probably only need to specify a namespace id, but I always add the schema location to be on the safe side. You probably need to extract the XSD from the spring jar file because I don't think you can add a catalog entry from a jar.


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      Thanks Dave.

      Adding the XSD as part of the XML catalog in Eclipse worked.