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  • Really basic question.

    I've read the documentation, including the faq and the starting steps but I can't find the answer to my quest which is: how do I install acegi?

    This is complicated by the fact I've been using the chapter on security from the O'Reilly spring book which uses 0.6.x and talks about having to install -catalina-server.jar in the servers lib directory and a -catalina-common.jar along with my app. Problem is I can find neither sign nor mention of any such jars in the distro I'm using (0.8.*) and in fact no mention of which jars I need where.

    I've deployed the base acegi and the acegi catalina jars with my application (I havent installed anything in Tomcats server dirs).

    So my current situation is that without any acegi my web-app runs fine, but as soon as I add it in Tomcat refuses to deploy the app (I don't even get exceptions when I navigate to my app, Tomcat just says it's unavailable). The spring logs look completely happy: no mention of any problems. The Tomcat logs however shows Acegi complaining about there not being a WebApplicationContext which is just so far out in the left-field that I have no idea where to start looking for a solution.



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    Re: Really Basic Question

    Edward, have you downloaded and run the example web app.

    Also it helps to go through the User Guide....a couple times.

    Use the configuration files from the example web app and modify them as necessary. It took me about 2 days, but I integrated Acegi with my web app; although I'm still learning and still have questions.


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      Release 0.6.x was very different from the current version. Container adapters, which are discussed in the reference guide and are the approach being used when deploying JARs into a container's /lib directory, are not recommended to be used. As mentioned, please use Acegi Security's Contacts Sample Filter edition, and change your configuration from there. It's the fastest and easiest way to get started.

      Please post specific questions here, and I'll be happy to help.