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  • Inter-webapp file retrieval

    We're using Spring Security 3 on all of our webapps within Tomcat. This works great if the webapp is self-contained, meaning it only uses resources within its own directory. However, our webapps are setup to use various "helper" projects that exist in various other directories (Tomcat sees these as other webapps). For example, we have one that is just a collection of various JavaScript files that are common to various other webapps. However, when accessing the resources here from one of our main webapps, most of these return "File not found" errors.

    Here's an example of a problem. Say one project consists of an index.jsp file that includes bunch of .js files from another directory using static includes like <script src="../otherproject/something.js"></script>. If there's more than one of these from the same "otherproject" directory, only one will be retrieved and the other requests will return 404.

    We're getting around this problem by just not security-enabling certain projects, but it'd be nice to just enable it for everything. I've scanned the Spring Security manual, and the only thing I could find that seemed relevant to this was the Concurrent Session Control. Thinking it might default to one concurrent connection to other webapps, I set the max-sessions to 100, but this had no effect. Any ideas?