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  • AbstractRememberMeServices broke in 3.x ..

    Delta between 2.x and 3.x :

    protected String extractRememberMeCookie(HttpServletRequest request) {
    ... new: does not work as path is null
    if (cookieName.equals(cookies[i].getName()) &&
    requiredPath.equals(cookies[i].getPath())) {
    ... old: does work as path is not checked
    if (cookieName.equals(cookies[i].getName())) {

    Running under Jetty at least, servlet path & domain is not filled in by container
    despite my validating it is in the cookie on the browser. The cookie value is the only attribute set in the context (confirmed it is there using debugger in STS).

    I cannot override since the method is private.

    - Peter

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    Just noticed ...

    that: protected String extractRememberMeCookie

    So at least i can easily extend the class in 3.x to fix...

    - Peter


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      Use the latest version (3.0.2).


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        Having similar issue...

        I've been having issues with the persistent remember me functionality in Spring Security 3.0.1 and Google App Engine 1.3.1. I posed a question on SO and one of the comments was that persistent remember me is broken in 3.0.1. I'm wondering if my issue is the same. I also can't upgrade to Spring Security 3.0.2 because of this issue. Perhaps I should use Spring Security 3.0.0 for the time being?


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          Yes, it works in 3.0.0.


          • #6
            Alternatively, use a snapshot since the GAE issue you mention should be fixed as of yesterday.


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              Maven + Snapshot Build

              What do I use for the repository location in my pom.xml to get the snapshot jars? Also, what is the name of the version (3.0.3-SNAPSHOT or 3.0.3.SNAPSHOT)?


              • #8
                Nevermind, I found the snapshot below.