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  • Using user login to bind to LDAP


    NOTE - I am currently limited to spring security 2.0

    I'm relatively new to spring security so apologies if this is an obvious question.

    - Our LDAP Server does NOT support anonymous binding
    - I dont want to create a special "Manager" account for binding
    - Every user that can log into our application will have those same credentials give them readonly access to the LDAP (We have a company wide LDAP server)

    So I want to be able to use the user supplied ID / Password to bind to the LDAP server before doing a search in the LDAP server for that same user's roles.

    As far as I can tell I need to create a custom LdapAuthenticationProvider but I'm not having any luck so far, has anyone done anything like this before?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    You just need to implement the AuthenticationProvider interface. The authenticate() method will be passed a UsernamePasswordAuthentication token from which you can extract the username and password. Then write the necessary LDAP code to make the bind call and load the user authorities.


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      I think I understand,

      if I override the authenticate method I could create a local extSource from the username / password.

      This new context source could then be used to create a thenticationProvider and ticator.BindAuthenticator which would then be used to perform the authentication.

      Is this the right way of going about this?