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  • spring security with gwt.


    I'm struggling with gwt and spring security.
    please help me out.

    I created login page using gwt ,so i need to apply spring security on gwt login page.Once I logged in successfully i need to display some components,if login failed I have to delegate to same login page.I have implemented same concept with jsps and spring security ..but i couldn't do same thing with gwt ..please help me what and all steps i have to follow.
    the main concern which is stopped me here is ,,gwt having only one html file,how to handle with only one html file.
    I hopes i can get reply with good solutions soon.
    [email protected]

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    I suggest you to use a different page for login page so you dont have to strugle with rpc request.

    After that you can check out

    to integrate spring and gwt. I suggest you to separate your gwt services from your spring services, what I mean is that you inject your spring services into your gwt services so you won't have problem to integrate it later with spring security method level security.


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      spring security with gwt.

      Hi mongaru007,
      thanks for your reply ,and here by doubts are :
      Yes your correct but my concern is after logged in successfully i have to display some components, and that components are binding with gwt application.

      For e.g : I had login.jsp ,its contains only login details like username and password,So once user logged in successfully i have to delegate the request to next page ,that page contains some component which are binding by gwt app.So here i have to call gwt html can i call the gwt html file from spring security config?.. once i have displayed the component i can provide the security for that component by using gwt RequestBuilder..So my main concern is calling gwt html file from spring security configuration after successful logged in.
      Once again thanks for your quick reply.

      I hopes ,,i can get good solutions as quickly.


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        in your configuration file of spring security you shoul have something like this

        <security:form-login login-page="/login.html"
        authentication-failure-url="/error.html" />

        where login-page is your login page, login-processing-url is a default value that checks the information in the login page, the default-target-url is the page where the user will be redirect after successfully loged in so this is your gwt page

        gwt pages are just html after you compiled them so there is no problem of integration with spring. You can use the documentation of spring to integrate you application with html pages

        hope this will help you


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          Dear mongaru007,

          Yes your correct ,it would be work.
          Thanks for your reply.

          And is there any way for providing security without using jsp and purely use gwt? i.e (for login also gwt)
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