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  • Comparison of Spring security with emeta erights

    Can anybody tell me answers for following questions

    1) Can we replace emeta erights with Spring security

    2) If not what are the new features to be added to Spring security framework to achieve this?

    Please share your thoughts


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    You're unlikely to get much of an answer to such a wide question unless you can be specific about the features you require and what you're already doing or someone in the forum is already familiar with the product.

    The link you've posted is just high-level marketing blurb - " infinitely-deep resource trees, exclusion sets and embargoes", so there's no way to tell what it really does or how it does it. It also mentions multiple products. So more information on your requirements is really necessary.


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      Thanks a lot for quick response,

      eRights is an enterprise-information commerce software package for the online information industry. It provides authentication, access control, and commerce.The features enable customers to implement sophisticated personalized licenses and allow organizations to extract products from large databases of information.

      The main areas where erights provides better scalability are authentication, access control, and commerce based on licensing

      erights can provide

      1) Authentication

      2) Authorization

      3) Customization of both above using rule based system

      Suppose we have 50 web applications accessing same application server. A non technical person can configure the access control, filters and even redirection URLs in erights for these stack of applications. There is a user interface where he can configure it . Also we can do XML or configuration file based configurations.

      4) commerce based on licensing
      They are also offering license based access control. This is mainly used in ecommerce applications. They have a DB where they will store the product license details and they can control the access based on the license details of the authenticated user

      I think I have answered your question.

      Can you tell me in any e-commerce applications Spring security framework is used?



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        Well, obviously Spring Security has authentication and authorization features too.

        It has nothing to do with licensing or digital rights management, and it isn't an ecommerce-specific product.

        I obviously can't tell you of any specific sites or products which are using it where the information isn't publicly available.

        The ecommerce package "Elastic Path" ( lists Spring Security as a technology that they use internally, so I guess you can extrapolate that some of their clients may be using it too.