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  • Spring Security: Multiple Logins to the same resources: Form Login + Facebook Connect

    To begin I know about

    The only problem is that it completely replaces the Form Login with Facebook Connect.

    I have the native form login in place,

    I also have Facebook Connect in place, Upon gathering user information I link it to a native account but without a password.

    At that point I would like to call a link or method to start process of going into the Spring Security Filter Chain.

    Here is the source code that works, but am trying to modify. It contains all the files I'm taking about.

    Now from what I understand I need to add a custom FacebookAuthenticationProvider so that my AuthenticationManager knows about it.

    <bean id="facebookAuthenticationProvider" class="">
    <security:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
            <security:authentication-provider ref="facebookAuthenticationProvider" />
    Then within the FacebookAuthenticationProvider I would have to call an FacebookAuthenticationToken that would take my the current facebook Uid and SessionKey of the user.

    Then try authenticate this Token.

    So where does the FacebookAuthenticationFilter come into it?

    I'm just trying to understand the order at which these 3 files are called. As if you were trying to implement any other custom authentication.

    I have also posted this on

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    You should simply be able to add another AuthenticationProvider as usual. AuthenticationManager can accommodate multiple AuthenticationProviders. The FacebookAuthenticationFilter is not replacing the form login - it's being placed before the form login filter (at least, if you are following that blog entry).