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  • grails + acegi + internet explorer


    I have a problem with my app in grails + acegi plugin.
    i did everything according with this tutorial

    Every thing works fine on firefox but when i try to use IE6 i looks like this

    I try to enter protected page i am redirected to login page im logging in and i can enter protected page it is all correct. But after i logout and redirected to main page, when i try to enter protected page one more time application do not redirect me to login page i can enter protected pages when im logged out. Status of authenticateService.isLoggedIn is fals. When i close IE and run it again, i can't enter protected pages until i login, but after logout i stil have access to every page;/

    what can i do ? is this a bug? or some configuration to do ?

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    Same issue

    I have the same problem, but with firefox running on linux. Everything was working fine, but when I updated my firefox extensions, the error appears.

    In the console I get the follow:

    ERROR springsecurity.GrailsDaoImpl - User [] has no GrantedAuthority.

    When I use Konqueror, everything works.


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      try to add this to section head of your layout or header

      this helped me i think this is ie problem with cacheing pages marked as no-cache

      <meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"/>


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        Thanks for your help, but I have
        in the layout page.

        The problem arises in the method loadAuthorities of class GrailsDaoImpl, and because I got "User [] has no GrantedAuthority", I guess that the method got a user with empty string (""). I need to look when this method is invoked.

        I think that in some sense there must be a error with the cookie and the browser. I got this problem after some firefox extension updates. I can reinstall firefox, but I think is better get the root of the problem to fix it.

        class GrailsDaoImpl extends GrailsWebApplicationObjectSupport implements UserDetailsService {
        protected GrantedAuthority[] loadAuthorities(user, String username, boolean loadRoles) {
        if (!loadRoles) {
        return []

        if (relationalAuthoritiesField) {
        return createRolesByRelationalAuthorities(user, username)

        if (authoritiesMethodName) {
        return createRolesByAuthoritiesMethod(user, username)

        logger.error("User [${username}] has no GrantedAuthority")
        throw new UsernameNotFoundException("User has no GrantedAuthority")


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          is user u r trying to login assignet to some role ?