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  • Don't want to use intercept-url in xml, but want to load it from Database


    How to replace intercept-url from static XML configuration to Database based intercept-url configuration? Features should be same.. but instead of loading all intercept-url definitions from XML, it should be loaded from database table.. [i,e, Table:URL_ACCESS Columns:ID, URL_PATTERN, ACCESS RIGHT]

    Why i want that??
    Because I need a UI where Screen vs. Authorities (Roles) matrix table (with check-boxes) can be made for a UserGroup.. and Menu generation where user has visibility of accessible links only...

    I am using Spring Security 2.0.4..


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    Please read the FAQ at

    (the information is for Spring 3, but is essentially the same) and search the forum, as this has been raised before.


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      Thanks Luke, It helped.. but having one more doubt.

      Thanks luke,
      For your reply and replying very quickly..

      search the forum, as this has been raised before.
      I searched the forum.. almost went through 50+ post, but unable to figure out post which is clear or matches exactly.. but FAQ link helped a lot..

      i had to finish custom security implementation before 30-Sep (i started it on 24-Sep) .. so unable to reply..back..

      anyways.. after putting custom
      • AuthenticationManager (for Active Directory),
      • ScreenAccessVoter,
      • (extending) GrantedAuthority,
      • (extending) DefaultFilterInvocationDefinitionSource
      for screen based security and instead of writing custom FilterChainProxy and not using <Security> namespace.. i created a bean named _filterSecurityInterceptor which overriding bean created internally by Security namespace..
      Things are working fine.. but want to ask.. whether this approach is proper? or its not.. and may create problems or issues..
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        No, that's not really recommended. The names are an internal implementation detail. There's no guarantee that replacing the default filters by overriding the bean names won't cause issues - many of the beans created by the namespace are interdependent. This will definitely break with Spring 3.