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  • What is LDAP security

    I am reading spring in action and everything was going well until i hit the the headline 'Authenticating against an LDAP repository'
    I tried to find on web what ldap securiry means. I got what the LDAP means from wekipedia as "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol" . But when i typed 'ldap security' in google all suggetions were like
    ldap securirity with java
    ldap securirity with asp
    ldap securirity with c
    But not any search result explained what is LDAP Security and why it should be used when we have dao based security?

    When i continued reading spring in action i came across some vague terms such as "distinguished name", "LDAP repository"

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    This isn't really an appropriate forum for asking questions like "What is LDAP authentication" or "What is LDAP?".

    It isn't realistic to expect people to answer such general questions since the answer could fill a whole book and there are already plenty of books on LDAP and plenty of discussion and information elsewhere on the web if you do some research. You've already seen the Wikipedia article, so you can follow the links in there to introductions,tutorials, RFCs etc.

    Also please don't try and get more attention for you question by reposting it in another thread. Hijacking threads is generally seen as an inappropriate thing to do (I've deleted your other duplicate post).


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      I apologise, will take care of that.
      Currently skipped that portion of book. I will read it after I am confortable with dao authentication.