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  • Webservices + web application + swing - acegi

    Hi all,

    I have a scenerio where I have three different natures of clients.

    Once is a Java Swing application client that runs on Java webstart.
    Second is a web application
    Thirdly I have to publish a set of web-services

    All these three applications need authentication and authorization. I would like to have same set of "user/password/permissions" modules tables and if possible same set of "authorizers". My requirements are fairly simple. User, password, permissions. But apart from these, user can have some parameters like name, email, address, etc. Also the user can or cannot belong to a "company".

    In that case, is it possible to use acegi?? Please pardon if the question is silly. I am kindaa newbie with spring/acegi


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    is it possible to use acegi?
    Yes. Have a look a the FAQ.


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      how to use acegi with webservices authentication

      Hi katentim,

      I browsed the acegi forums last night, and the sample apps that ship with it etc. I do get an idea how I can use this for the Swing client, and the webapplication.

      However, I am still not sure how I should use acegi with webservices.

      Any help regarding that would be great !!!

      My typical usage scenerio with a webservice is something like this --

      I expect that user would present username/password, and then his typical session would include atleast calling a few webservices, and then probably he may/may not log off.

      I have seen with some of the webservices that give you a random "sessionID" when you login. And then on your every subsequent call, you would have to provide that "sessionId" to tell the webservice that you have already logged on. I dont know how I can achieve this behaviour with acegi. Also I dont know if that is the best approach at all for webservices that need authentication and authorization ...

      Any help, guidelines please .. :-(



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        Please see the Contacts Sample application, which includes a You can run the client using "maven run" from samples/contacts.