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    Hi There,

    Where is the file that use to be on the Spring Security web site?

    Did it move? can we just keep it present in this directory? We are currently not operational because we cannot find this file.



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    And you are never going to find it... There is no 2.5 version of the spring-security xsd. There is a 2.0 version...


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      Actually last Friday and for 2 months previous to this there was a 2.5 version of the Spring Security xsd file at this location.

      But we will change back to the 2.0 version.

      Thanks for the reply


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        I was using 2.5 as well. My team has three apps that are referencing this XSD.


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          How can you just do that?

          It is very bad to pull the plug like that from everyone. There people around the world depending on this and you just up and change it. You should never ever do that. I have everyone screaming at me now because things are broken. Shame on you.


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            If you are using 2.0.4 (the stable production relese), then you should be using the 2.0.4 schema.

            There is no Spring Security 2.5 version and the next version will be 3.0, hence the schema file has been renamed to match. There has been no release of this and as such it is a moving target, liable to change (including the schema). It corresponds to the source trunk where anything goes.

            If you are using the trunk version in production then you should be aware that you are on the bleeding edge, so if you have people screaming at you then you should stick with the production version until 3.0 is released.
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              I don't know how we ended up using the 2.5 xsd file. It must have been referenced in some documentation or sample files. I understand your reasoning behind the change. But it is generally not a good practice to remove a file like that without warning. I don't know how you can gracefully make a change like that.