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  • AbstractAclVoter incorrectly determines the type of generic arguments

    In AbstractAclVoter in the getDomainObjectInstance method there is the following line used to get the type of the reflected method arguments:

    params = invocation.getMethod().getParameterTypes();
    which is fine except where the class is using generics, such as in a generic CRUD DAO in the classic Hibernate generic DAO pattern. In this case the code will return object for the type of the parameter. A better way would be to use the method specified at to determine the type of the arguments to a method.

    Should I raise a bug for this?

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    Im glad to see someone had the same problem I currently have. Did you find a solution?


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      Here is my code

      I came up with the following. I'm not sure it is the best implementation but it works for me. ClassUtils refers to the code i referenced above.

           * This method is a copy of getDomainObjectInstance in AbstractAclVoter. It calls out
           * to ClassUtils in order to be able to determine the type of generic type arguments. 
           * @param secureObject the object to determine the type of
           * @return the domain object instance
          public Object getGenericDomainObjectInstance(Object secureObject) {
              Object[] args;
              Class[] params;
              if (secureObject instanceof MethodInvocation) {
                  MethodInvocation invocation = (MethodInvocation) secureObject;
                  params = invocation.getMethod().getParameterTypes();
                  args = invocation.getArguments();
              } else {
                  JoinPoint jp = (JoinPoint) secureObject;
                  params = ((CodeSignature) jp.getStaticPart().getSignature()).getParameterTypes();
                  args = jp.getArgs();
              for (int i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {
                  Class actualObjectType = ClassUtils.getClass(args[i].getClass());
                  if (getProcessDomainObjectClass().isAssignableFrom(actualObjectType)) {
                      return args[i];
              throw new AuthorizationServiceException("Secure object: " + secureObject
                  + " did not provide any argument of type: " + getProcessDomainObjectClass());


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        Works perfectly! Thankyou so much. Did you ever raise this as a bug/issue?