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    D'oh! I've mixed this up.
    thanks, it's time for the WEEKEND


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      bug fix

      bug with "get or create" fixed with some magic
      look throw file in attachment

      !!! analogous situation with createOrRetrieveClassPrimaryKey.

      hope it helps


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        Need Help Getting This To Run

        I'm having a lot of trouble getting this to run. Can anyone give me a .war file or instructions on getting this going?

        In general it seems like files and directories are missing, in the wrong the location or misnamed. For example:
        1. There is no /app directory. I assume thatís really the /jsp directory. Also, the /jsp directory is under WEB-INF???
        2. The login screen is in /resources not /.
        3. There is no index.task file anywhere. I assume thatís really index.jsp???

        I donít see where any of these issues are resolved in the various xml/config files. But Iím new to Spring. Anyway, a .war file would make the set up easy.



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          you can find example on denksoft site.
          here is direct link


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            Originally posted by dart View Post
            you can find example on denksoft site.
            here is direct link
            That's what I'm having trouble getting to work. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong with the installation, but I don't what it could be. I'd think besides setting up the database, all I'd have to is unzip it and drop it into my tomcat webapps directory. But it doesn't work for me. Besides the things I listed above, here's one problem I have.

            If I got to:
            and click submit, I get:
            HTTP Status 404 - /SpringStarter/login.jsp

            Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Is there something else I need to do to get the app installed properly?

            Thanks for the help.


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              I've made some progress. First, for anyone else who might be confused by some of the same things I was, such as there not being any index.task and no resolution in the XML files. The resolution is done using annotations in

              I also managed to get to http://localhost:8080/SpringStarter/app/index.task which gives this page:

              Clerk home
              Customer home
              Public page
              Register customer
              Populate database

              Home page
              [this is a footer]

              Now the link for Populate database is
              but it should be

              Similarly the link to Public page is
              but should be

              Those 2 links actually work, once you add SpringStarter to the URL. I'd expect the pattern to follow for the other links, but if I try a (corrected) Clerk link:
              instead of what ever that page is, I get the same error I get from the login screen:
              HTTP Status 404 - /SpringStarter/login.jsp

              Can anyone tell me how to correct the app so that all of the links work?
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                please help

                Hello everyone. I'm new at this Spring Security and am trying to run the example of denksoft SpringStarter but i don`t know how. Let's see if someone can tell me what to do. Not how to deploy ... I am use Tomcat but it don`t run. Thank you.
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