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    Originally posted by Insano View Post
    gwt-incubator-lib does not work with GWT 1.7 it seams...
    Second that. I was not able to get gwt-incubator-security-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT working with gwt 1.7.0

    It seems that all RPC calls try to call my service methods on the wrong object:

    SEVERE: Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call
    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.gwtwidgets.server.spring.hb4gwt.HB4GWTRPCServiceExporter.getItem()
    	at org.gwtwidgets.server.spring.GWTRPCServiceExporter.handleExporterProcessingException(
    	at org.gwtwidgets.server.spring.GWTRPCServiceExporter.processCall(
    The getItem() method is actually defined in my RPC service interface and implementation and works fine when I remove gwt-incubator-security.

    My environment:

    Windows XP
    GWT 1.7.0
    Spring 2.5.6
    SpringSecurity 2.0.4

    Did anyone manage to get method level security working with GWT 1.7? Would love to see a working example...



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      I am currently using
      • GWT 1.7
      • gwt-incubator-lib
      • EXT-GWT 2
      And noticed the following exception is being thrown when using GWTSecuredHandler:
      [WARN] Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call Type '' was not assignable to '' and did not have a custom field serializer.  For security purposes, this type will not be deserialized.
      This does not occur when using the GWTHandler.

      It seems that gwt-incubator-lib is not really usable at this stage. Is there no other alternative?


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        Originally posted by greco View Post
        Try using this:

        var invalidSession = function(){ window.location = '<%= request.getContextPath() %>/login.jsp'; };
        Ext.lib.Ajax.on('status:403', invalidSession );
        This code is not returned though, what is returned is a code 200 with the source code of the login page.


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          GWT incubator security lib has been updated to work with GWT 1.7.
          I'll give it a try.
          I do not use Gilaed in my case, nor GWT Ext, it may help.


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            Originally posted by delirii View Post
            I do not use Gilaed in my case, nor GWT Ext, it may help.
            I think you're right. Gilead is what seems to cause the problem I'm facing:
            The gwt-incubator-security uses GWTRPCServiceExporter by default, whereas my RPC services are managed by HB4GWTRPCServiceExporter.

            I will try to replace GWTRPCServiceExporter references by HB4GWTRPCServiceExporter in the gwt-incubator-security code. If that doesn't work I will simply create a merged class which does the job of both :/

            If anyone has a smarter solution please feel free to share.