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  • Mulitple Roles Required for one page


    I'm attempting to build a tools app that will depend on more than one role type for access. I've read through the reference guide and gone through the sample projects, but I'm still not sure how to do this.

    I want to have one criteria which is based on access level (ie: Admin, Editor, User) and another criteria based part of the site (ie: Baseball, Football, Basketball). For example, I might have a user with the following info:

    username: mike
    access level: editor
    access areas: football

    I want mike to have access to any part of the site that qualifies on both permissions for, such as the following path


    but be denied access from all other areas, such as:


    I'd rather not have to define a different role for each part of the site + access level (there are more than 3 of each, that's just an example and it would end up being hundreds of different roles).

    Is there a way that exists to do this just through configuration? Do I need to develop a custom SpringSecurityFilter for this? If so, is there a good resource about how to do this?


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    Hello, just checking to see if anyone knows the answer to this or can direct me to the answer for this.