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  • Acegi and Tiles


    I'm using struts and tiles within my Spring 1.1.5 app (on Tomcat 4.1.31) and have a couple of quick questions:

    1) AuthenticationProcessingFilter accepts properties defaultTargetUrl & authenticationFailureUrl, and AuthenticationProcessingFilterEntryPoint accepts loginFormUrl as a property. For both of these I would like to specify a tiles page rather than a URL - is this possible? I couldnt see anything in the API doco for this.

    2) Within tiles you can specify a 'role' attribute, ie <tilesut name="abc" value="xyz" role="ROLE_USER"/>. However after logging on it seems that the Container hasnt had this set? I'm assuming this is expected behaviour given that Acegi is sitting ontop of Tomcat. Anyway, is there a way to have this set within Tomcat?

    thanks in advance,


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    I don't know about using Tiles with Acegi Security. Most people use SiteMesh (me included). The URLs on the classes you mentioned are just HTTP redirection targets. So if you can just redirect to a given URL and that does what ou want within Tiles, you should be able to specify the URL in the properties.

    Your second question is much easier. Use ContextHolderAwareRequestWrapper. It's discussed in the reference docs and will provide a compatibility layer between Acegi Security and any code expecting the Servlet Spec's standard methods to be available (including isUserInRole(String)).