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  • Login Problem using Spring Hibernate

    I have a strange situation when logging into the application using Spring and Hibernate.
    The login works often but sometimes it does not work meaning I have to enter user name and password twice
    Until it redirects me to the home page.

    For instance, even after giving the correct user name and password the page does not get redirected
    But it still shows the login page and nothing seems to be processed.

    Enclosed is the URL which shows the login page.
    This url shows the login page even after entering the correct username and password

    //xxxxx/testapplication/acegilogin.jsp;jsessionid=B0AF59C4876C9EFBFD21A4EF D0DC2E94

    But the correct url which redirects me to the home page does not have “jsessionid” attached in the url.

    //xxxxx/testapplication[/url] /acegilogin.jsp

    Any suggestions or advice is really helpful.



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    Seems to me you are rejecting session cookies on your browser, which causes the jsessionid to be included in the query string. Whatever is generating the link to the login page appears to not be rendering the URL to include the jsessionid when required.


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      Is there any way by which we can check why its creating the jsession id or is there a way of truncating the jsession id.


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        Management of the session Id is the container's responsibility, not something Spring Security is involved in. It's also up to you to make sure URLs are properly encoded so that you don't lose the session in cases where the user has cookies disabled.