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  • How to pronounce Acegi?

    How in the heck to you pronounce Acegi? :oops: Anyone know the origin of the name? Just curious.

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    Ah-see-gee. Said quickly, without emphasis on any part.

    The history...

    About 12-13 years ago I started a BBS. For those too young to know what that is, back in the days of 300 to 14400 baud modems you used to dial them up rather than an Internet POP. It was especially impressive to have a CD-ROM drive and offer 600 Mb of shareware files back then. I still remember using DeskQview to multitask my MS-DOS machine. I gave the BBS to a friend when the Internet became more available around 1993, and started paying $5/hr + long distance charges to connect to the net instead.

    I tried naming the BBS "Lightning BBS" (or maybe "Midnight BBS"?), but it was taken. So it seemed were all the names I could imagine (there were 700 or so BBSes in Australia back then I think). So, in desperation I though "let's use something nobody else would use":

    Alphabetic character #1, #3, #5, #7, #9.

    I wish I could say it was named after a Greek God or something equally impressive, but hey, I just needed a BBS name. I later needed a business name, and then a company name, which both continued the tradition.

    Speaking of names, I've noticed in the Spring community the project is often called just "Acegi". I try to consistently use at least "Acegi Security", just given "Acegi" has reasonably long history beyond the project.

    So there you have it. Hope that resolves the curiosity. You'd be surprised how often I get off-list emails asking about this.


    PS: It's quite funny when people ring our office trying to sell you things. "Is that <pause> ah-seh-gi?". :-)


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      Bird of a feather! I too ran a BBS several lifetimes ago. Searchlight inside of DeskQview on a 486/DX2 and a 14.4k modem. Was convinced that "RIP" was the next graphical wave coming. Hosted MIDI and other electronic music files. I was a subscriber to Boardwatch for several years running. Even uplinked my forums to Fidonet using echomail, fossil, etc. Good times, for sure.

      Ah-see-gee, Ah-see-gee, Ah-see-gee. Ok, got it now - thanks!


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        BTW, how do you pronounce "Hibernate" out there :wink: