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  • Exception not seen by ExceptionHandler

    Hi all.

    Im still new to the springframework and acegi.
    I have this problem. In my App I have a class that implements HandlerExceptionResolver to catch all exceptions and display the modelview what I want for different exceptions(Using ResourceBundleMessageSource). It works perfectly for all my exceptions(Database,Access denied,etc) except if the user enters a url he's not supose to view I get the 403 forbidden page. Im not sure if the FilterSecurityInterceptor throws a exception. My Exception Handler does not see any exception. Thus, I just want to specify my custom error modelview when a user enters a forbidden URL.

    I anyone can please help or put me in a direction to what I should do.

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    FilterSecurityInterceptor, if there is an AccessDeniedException in deciding whether to allow a given URI to be called, will never pass to the underlaying servlets (including HandlerExceptionResolver).

    Your easiest solution for a custom error page for 403 errors is to override this method in FilterSecurityInterceptor with a standard redirect:

        protected void sendAccessDeniedError(FilterInvocation fi,
            AccessDeniedException accessDenied)
            throws ServletException, IOException {
            ((HttpServletRequest) fi.getRequest()).getSession().setAttribute(ACEGI_SECURITY_ACCESS_DENIED_EXCEPTION_KEY,
            ((HttpServletResponse) fi.getResponse()).sendError(HttpServletResponse.SC_FORBIDDEN,
                accessDenied.getMessage()); // 403


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      Thanks Ben. Were also thinking that wil be the easiest solution.