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  • Redeploy problem with User Cache

    I am not sure if I should post this to this forum, but it seems reasonable to post it here.

    I implemented EhSecurityCache and NullSecurityCache (which caches some other custom data related with user) based on EhUserCache and NullUserCache of Acegi. Either seems to work properly. But when using the EhCache based cache, redeploy in Tomcat is not successful. It freezes while destroying beans. When I change the configuration to use NullSecurityCach (no caching), redeploy works fine.

    Any one have idea on this?

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    If you're using release 0.7.0, Acegi Security leaves EH-CACHE creation and management to the Spring Core classes, as discussed in the reference guide. I'd suggest you move to 0.7.0 (if not using it already), and if the problem is with 0.7.0, try leaving the Spring Core EH-CACHE declarations in your application context XML and see if the problem goes away. You're attempting to isolate the problem to either the Spring implementation of the clases, of EhCacheBasedUserCache itself.


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      Thanks Ben,

      I tried your suggestion and observed that Spring Core EH-CACHE declarations causes the problem. But I could not figure out what may be the problem with Spring Core's Eh-Cache support.


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        I've found some issues with EH-CACHE versions above 0.9, so maybe try that version (or whatever version Spring officially supports these days).