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  • Maven without Internet

    I don't have access to Internet on my PC.
    When you used Ant, I downloaded acegi from the CVS repository and copied it to my PC and everything worked fine.
    Now, what do I have to do to make the same thing using Maven ?

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    maven -h produces:
    usage: maven [options] [goal [goal2 [goal3] ...]]
     -D,--define arg    Define a system property
     -E,--emacs         Produce logging information without adornments
     -P,--plugin-help   Display help on using a given plugin
     -X,--debug         Produce execution debug output
     -b,--nobanner      Suppress logo banner
     -d,--dir arg       Set effective working directory (ignored with -p or -f)
     -e,--exception     Produce exception stack traces
     -f,--find arg      Set project file and effective working directory by finding
                        the project file
     -g,--goals         Display available goals
     -h,--help          Display help information
     -i,--info          Display system information
     -o,--offline       Build is happening offline
     -p,--pom arg       Set project file
     -q,--quiet         Reduce execution output
     -u,--usage         Display help on using the current project
     -v,--version       Display version information
    so you can use maven -o or maven --offline to make sure maven won't try to access the net.

    Maven looks in the repository to find the jar you're specifying as a dependency. if it's already there, maven won't bother to try downloading it.

    How familiar with maven are you? Do you understand the repository structure, the <dependency> tag etc?


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        khagel :

        I am new to Maven :oops: .

        So I have to download the needed jars (dependencies in project.xml), I put them in the repository then I run Maven -o.

        It seems very complicated.

        I thing the better solution is to install maven on an internet wired computer, run the commands there then upload to my PC when all is done.

        Ben : doesn't give any advice to non connected people :?: .

        I think Maven is a littel bit too connected for me


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          I moved to maven from ant. Basically anything you can do in ant you can pretty much do right inside your maven.xml.

          maven taught me that the build is very much a part of the application's lifecycle. When is a value or property set for example, build-time, load-time, run-time? Is it dynamic, configurable, "mbean-able" ?

          Configuring the build is as important as configuring the run.

          I suggest looking into your plugins directory, look at the plugin.jelly files that are the "executables" in the maven world. That's where you can really see what's going on.

          Some libraries, such as jta.jar have licensing issues, you have to go and find it yourself, install it in your repository yourself.

          If you're building certain third-party libraries, say from jakarta-commons for example, they'll want to download particular versions of other commons' libaries, versions which may be older or newer than what you already have.

          Some people really don't like Maven for some reason, look at the guys over at Hibernate. I saw somebody once proudly claim that they'll never be maven-ized.

          Who knows, it's just another tool really. I prefer Ant and Maven to IDEs such as Eclipse or IntelliJ, but then you can run inside these IDEs with Ant and maven too ;-) Somebody must like it.


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            Thanks for your help.

            I really need Internet on my workstation.

            Welcome in the third millenium !!!


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              If you get really stuck, I guess you could download the entire repository at and However, I think you'll have a hard time doing software development in this era without an Internet connection at least some of the time. Maven is a top tool in how it automatically downloads dependencies. Manually downloading them and/or maintaining them in CVS is extemely unattractive.


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                I totally agree with you.

                I just have to convince my boss who is a little paranoiac with Internet.