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  • I need to protect web-app (newbie question)

    Hello all,
    i read through manuals on acegi web page, but i am still very confused and completly unable to protect anything with acegi :oops: .

    Right now i have simple web application, that uses Spring, Tapestry and Hibernate.

    I need to protect that web app something like this way:
    whenever the user comes to any page from that app and his session is not authentized, it's neccessary to relocate him to Login page.
    Then verify his login and after success redirect him back to previous location.

    The problem for me is that manual, although is very nice, does not give me an axample how to do that really simple thing - at least i wasn't able to find it.
    So - if you have any hints, or if you could point me to some example i'll really appreciate this.

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    Maybe some Tapestry users out there can offer you some specific suggestions, or you might like to try


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      Thanks for answer Mr. Alex. I have hispacta just before me, but it uses old API - form version 0.5 I guess.

      I try to divide my previous question to two parts:
      Is there a step-by-step manual describing how to start with acegi on web for dumb (and dumiest)?

      The second part (if there is a example source code) i solved by instaling maven and downloading acegi sources. Right now i'm reading sources for sample contacs application.

      Thanks for help, i know that are stupid questions, but i just need to find starting point.


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        As I always say, start with the Contacts sample. It uses Spring MVC, not Tapestry, but we always keep it up-to-date and anyone needing proof that certain features work or more information about them can generally find an answer in Contacts. Once you following how Contacts works, you'll be able to move to the next step. You might also be interested in the "Suggested Steps" document at


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          Maybe you should add note for dummies to "Suggested steps": Source code of Contacts app is downable via cvs (see building with Maven).

          I had trouble to find them :-). But, maybe, others doesn't have those troubles.

          Anyway, thanks a lot for your time.

          PS. For the others: The right solution for me was hidden in hispacta - For authetication with tapestry is better use native tapestry methods, than acegi. For more information look in this thread:


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            I've just added a note to suggested steps and the downloads page.