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  • Using Existing web.xml As Security Config


    We're finally going to port over to Acegi for all of our existing web apps. This is for two reasons: our security needs have grown into all parts of the application, and we want to be portable across all app servers.

    We already have all of our apps configured with web.xml. Is there a plugin for Acegi so that it may read in the webapp's web.xml for its configuration? It seems like it should be pretty straight forward.

    The only worry I have is the extra verbosity we'll encounter with the acegi configs. If I can avoid that *and* take advantage of our experience with web.xml + existing configurations, I think porting to Acegi will make a ton of sense.

    If this doesn't exist, I'll be creating it and posting it back to Acegi.

    Thanks very much,

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    Seth, The web.xml integration is not simple due to so many options available. Once I found out what I needed and what I didn't it was pretty simple. Craig Walls had some excellent ideas about managing the complexity of Acegi/Spring across many apps. Check out



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      Yes, while it's certainly not simple (and I didn't mean to say web.xml is simple , it's certainly well known.

      Plus, we have many webapps that have a working web.xml right now. Also, all of our developers know the web.xml format. If I can keep it around for a while to ease the migration, I think that would be really nice.

      BTW thanks for the link!


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        My apologies for the verbose format, but as mentioned, Craig's blog entry is a real gem on how to move the unchanging XML into shared files and still have the configuration control where needed.


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          Yes, using Craig's acegi-common.xml is very helpful. I had to change two things for the 0.7 version. See my comments:

          I still think including a WebXmlConfigurationAdapter would be a very helpful addition and would ease the adoption of Acegi. Using Craig's defaults plus some adapter that allows existing web.xml configs would be nice.