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  • Using Acegi without http/servlet container


    I am using Acegi in open source web based application. I would like to separate the web UI part from the core of the application and include Spring and Acegi with the aplication core. Then write command line/non-ui interface on top of the core.

    Question I have is how do I implement Acegi authorization/authentication when the user name and password is acquired from command line option instead of http form/web application.

    Thanks, Lubos

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    Not sure whether you're talking about a standalone application or a remote client. In any case, please search the forum for previous discussions on both these topics.


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      My application is standalone application with command line interface as one option, and web application as other option. Both options use the application core with Spring/Acegi, only the UI on top of the core is different, either webui or cmd. line.
      I found following thread that touches on it: but I would would appreciate any more help on the topic.


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        These have both been covered before. If it's web driven then the examples in Acegi do everything you want. If it's cmd line driven then do a search for the non-web based threads. There have been quite a few discussing fat-client, RCP, etc.....