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  • binding into turbine's data

    preflight: we're moving a webapp to the appfuse framework, which previously relied on Turbine for its user/permission/role infrastructure.

    question: i read that acegi can work with custom DAO objects, but i could not find a concrete example of doing this. is there an example that i can maybe mimic with regard to getting acegi to adopt the pre-existing Turbine tables and daos for user/perm/role management?


    == sfisque

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    Have you looked at the JdbcDaoImpl? You can inject your own SQL into this so there's not much work to do. If you have more exotic requirements, you can override the MappingSqlQuery classes themselves.


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      oooh. looks like a possible winner.

      now i have a deeper question.

      since we cannot currently clobber the turbine infrastructure in the product (alot of it is being moved over wholesale, while other areas are being retrofitted in the first round), are there any "obvious" pitfalls to having two different dao infrastructures read/writing to the user tables, namely hibernate (acegi) and torque (turbine).

      my "naive" impression would be all should be ok, except in the case if two "alien" driver connections (one from torque, and one from hibernate) both collide on a given table (one reads while one writes or vice-versa).

      any thoughts or good links to peruse regarding that context?

      == sfisque


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        There are a few issues you might have with Hibernate and JDBC. Caching (if you are using it) could be a problem as the cache won't be aware of any changes outside of Hibernate. You can share the same transaction manager for both of them and get them playing nicely. You might want to do a search on the Data Access forum, it's been brought up a few times in the past.