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  • Promoting a user to a higher level

    Promoting a user to a higher level:

    I have the following challenge:

    In our website we have three kinds of pages with their own security level
    1. One you can visit anonymously
    2. The second you can visit secured by your email address
    3. And the last you can visit when you login with
    your email address and a password.

    I want the website to react so that if I am logged in with email and password,
    I can access pages of all three levels;
    When I logged in with email I can access pages of the first two;
    And when I am anonymous I can only access pages of the first.

    When f.e I'm logged in with email and I want to access a page of
    level email and password, I want acegi to react so that my defined
    login page for email-password pops up, instead of an error "Access Denied".

    Would anyone be able to suggest some things that I should do.


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    There was a discussion recently on the forum about something similar, bascically a 2nd stage of authentication. You might want to do a search.