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  • Acegi and multiple/nested web apps?

    Well I don't know if the title is concise enough, but here is an explanation. I'm looking at an application which really is a collection of Spring based web appl, each configured in their own context. There should be a "framing" web app which bundles the other ones by presenting a frame with a menu to the left and the output from one web app in the main frame. And then there are EJBs underneath too... (not my choice)

    Now I want to use Acegi to take care of login/logout and security, but feel unsure on how to do this in this particular setup. Getting it to work with the "framing" web app was no problem, but how do I propagate the security state to the other apps? All input is welcome. And, I'm a nebie to be nice with me.

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    Oh well, guess it was a stupid question...


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      Not a stupid question at all. There are many options for propagating credentials across multiple applications. One of the more prefered approaches is to use a Single Sign On Server which gives you a ticket and then you could pass this ticket across your applications which you would then verify against the SSO server.

      Take a look at the cas how to


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        Originally posted by igotmilk
        Thanks! Sometime we just need a push i the right direction. Now I know how to get going.


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          There are no such things as stupid questions. Only stupid answers. :-)

          CAS is the way to do it, as suggested already.