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  • Avoid session time out reset due to cometd long polling

    I am using ExtJs + CometD on ui side and Spring + Jetty as backend for my application. The user gets authenticated using spring authentication manager (j_spring_security_check). The normal http request goes on a particular url pattern (/myapp) and the cometd communication happens on a different url pattern (/cometd).

    I have a session time out value set on the server as 30 mins. Once the user is logged in, the CometD activity starts (like handshake, connect etc.). I am having Bayex transport for cometD to use as WebSocket and long-polling. In case of browsers which does not support WebSocket, the CometD communication happen using long-polling mechanism.

    The problem is because of the long-polling from CometD client, the session time out counter on the server always gets reset when the heart beat from CometD long polling arrives. Due to this, the session never times out on the server.

    Is there a way to avoid the resetting of session time out value for a session if request comes on a particular URL (in my case the cometD url).

    Also, is it possible if i can remove the JSSIONID parameter inside the HTTP header which cometD sends to server. Probably if i can remove the JSESSIONID from http header, then the server will not reset the time out counter for that session.