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  • running contacts with cas sample

    Unless I'm doing it wrong, a search in these forums for CAS returns zero results.

    I'm trying to integrate the two so I scroll down to section 1.12 in the reference guide. It instructs me to add a few things to cas (2.0.12) and rebuild it including the following configuration lines:

    <bean id="casPasswordHandler" class="org.acegisecurity.adapters.cas.CasPasswordH andler">
    <property name="authenticationManager"><ref bean="authenticationManager"/></property>

    Now, the current acegi distribution has no such class or obvious replacement. I found the (deprecated?) source in cvs and added it to my acegi tree and rebuilt. That went fine, but now org.acegisecurity.adapters.cas.CasPasswordHandlerP roxy is not found. Same process again.

    Problem is, this class implements I tried to add a reference to the cas jar in the pom.xml but it ignored my change so I must not have done it right.

    I added this to core/pom.xml

    And I copied my cas.jar to {repository}/casserver/jars and renamed it cas-2.0.12.jar.

    I'm feeling pretty stumped. This is the latest of a dozen or so brick walls. I freely admit newbie status with maven and only a middling knowledge of spring.

    As an aside, this is with maven 2.x, but I can't even get this far with maven 1.x. Odd.

    Has anyone run this sample with success? Should I be adding these classes to acegi?


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    > Unless I'm doing it wrong, a search in these forums for
    > CAS returns zero results.

    I was ... in a sense. I guess a three letter word is considered too small for a search. Hmmm. I searched seperately for Yale and Authentication and CasPasswordHandler and found a few results.

    Everyone in those threads are much farther along than me though. I have made no further progress.

    further chagrined,


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      org.acegisecurity.adapters.cas.CasPasswordHandler is in the acegi-security-cas-1.0.0-RC1.jar file, which is included in the ZIP release distribution.