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  • applicationContext-security - wrong redirections.

    Hey There,
    I would appreciate your assistance.
    I've deployed my application on Tomcat5.5, configured it to work against Apache via this:
    <LocationMatch ^/check/(myapp.*)$>
    ProxyPassMatch ajp://localhost:8009/$1

    The intention here is to redirect every request initiated by http://<host>/check/myapp.... to myapp.war deployed on Tomcat.
    The URLs specified in the applicationContext-security.xml are something like this:

    <sec:session-management invalid-session-url="/jsp/public/login.jsp">
    <sec:concurrency-control max-sessions="10" expired-url="/jsp/public/login.jsp" />

    Now, the problem is that navigating to http://<host>/check/myapp is being redirected to http://<host>/myapp/jsp/public/login.jsp which leads to 404, as the expected URL should be http://<host>/check/myapp/jsp/public/login.jsp

    Can you please suggest what am I missing?
    Thanks in advance.