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  • Spring Scala 1.0.0.M2 has been released

    Dear Spring community,

    I'm pleased to announce that Spring Scala 1.0.0.M2 has been released! This is the second milestone in the release cycle. It contains the following new features:
    • New JdbcTemplate wrapper. We've dropped the SimpleJdbcTemplate as it has been deprecated in Java.
    • Introduced new "rich" wrappers for the BeanFactory, ListableBeanFactory and ApplicationContext. Also added implicit conversions to these wrappers (following the "Pimp my library" pattern).
    • Introduced new AOP Advice wrappers, with implicit conversions (AdviceConversions)
    • Upgraded to Scala 2.10.2 and Spring 3.2.2. Note that Spring 3.2.2 is required when using the FunctionalConfiguration trait.
    • Changed inner workings of FunctionConfiguration so that it now eagerly initializes beans that require this (BeanFactoryPostProcessors etc).
    • And many more bug fixes and other changes.

    Please give it a shot! As before the milestone is available for download at our milestone repository, For Maven users:

    Finally, I would like to thank Henryk Konsek for his many contributions to this release. It wouldn't have been possible without him!



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    Where the sample code?


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      There aren't any samples yet, though you can look at the tests. Including samples is definitely planned before we release 1.0 GA.


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        Hi Ishoo,

        I like to blog about my latest open source contributions, so you might me interested in taking look at "spring scala" tag [1] at my weblog in the coming weeks. There will be some examples there.




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          I'am expecting the sample.......


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            Blog post of mine [1] for the beginning. You might be also interested in tracking "Spring Scala" tag on my blog as well, as I plan to publish more on Spring Scala there.

            The reference documentation will be published before the first stable release of Spring Scala.




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              I created dedicated forum thread [1] for sharing our blog posts related to the Spring Scala API usage.



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                Is there any plan to support injection of scala.collection.*.{List, Set} ?

                Today I get "No qualifying bean of type [scala.collection.immutable.List]" or "No qualifying bean of type [scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer]"

                Context :

                class AwsDynamoDBAdapterImpl extends DataAccessService {
                  private final var defaultMapper: DynamoDBMapper = _;
                  private final var additionalMappers: Seq[DynamoDBMapper] = _;
                  def this(mappers: java.util.List[DynamoDBMapper]) = {
                    this.defaultMapper = mappers.get(0);
                    this.fallbacks = mappers.asScala.drop(1);
                  // methods....
                I'd rather use scala.collection.immutable.List for the injection, and avoid the asScala conversion.

                DynamoDBMapper objects are defined in xml context file.

                And by the way, I cannot get a List[DynamoDBMapper] if my xml context file contains a <util:list/> of DynamoDBMapper. See

                They are injected one by one, in the respect of their order in the xml file (hopefully, all dynamoDBMapper beans are in the same xml file so it's still readable) but it would be great if <util:list/> injection could be possible. Then I could have a bean for the defaultMapper and a list of fallback mappers, and my scala class would just start by
                class AwsDynamoDBAdapterImpl @Inject()(mapper : DynamoDBMapper, fallbacks : Seq[DynamoDBMapper]) extends DataAccessService
                Thanks !
                Last edited by Gengis; May 5th, 2013, 10:05 AM.


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                  Hi Gengis,

                  I'll take a look at this later, reproduce mentioned behavior with some unit tests and probably cut pull request for it.

                  Best regards.