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  • [FelixDispatchQueue] Member holding details required

    So, two months ago I started a project at my new place of employment. They wanted something up and running fast so I decided to venture out and use Roo. I've used Roo a few times for personal projects -- never at work, and so far I'm generally happy with how Roo has helped.

    I've run into a block though.

    [FelixDispatchQueue] Member holding details required

    What's this, and why do I see it? Why does Roo not work anymore?

    Here's what I did:

    I have an Entity "ClientProfile"
    I added a private Boolean varName;
    Roo added all the stuff for it
    I edited the view files appropriately
    I decided that Boolean was incorrect and it needed to be an Integer instead.
    BAM: [FelixDispatchQueue] Member holding details required

    Roo no longer does anything.

    I can continue doing this the "normal" Java way, but I've become accustomed to Spring Roo's helpers. Any help is appreciated.

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    Update: I just reverted to a previous SVN branch and skipped the part where I made a Boolean first and Roo seems to be happy again.

    I only lost 30 minutes of my time over this one, but had this happened during the middle of a big feature implementation I would have been much more unhappy with Roo.

    I'm curious what happened and how I can prevent it from happening again.


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      Can you please switch on 'development mode' and then repeat your steps which lead to the problem? This should then give you a full stack trace which you can paste here or open a Jira ticket so we can look into it. If possible it would be good if you can also describe the steps to replicate this for us.



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        I'm not sure I can repeat the steps exactly since I've "moved on" in my project.

        Later today I'll turn on dev mode and try to recreate the situation again after committing my current changes to SVN (too bad we don't use Git, I could do a quick local commit )