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  • Spring Roo + GWT - understanding problems


    i am a beginner with spring roo and most of its technologies used.

    What I want:
    * Spring Roo
    * GWT
    * GAE

    I managed to set up the the project using spring roo 1.1.3. (latest nightly snapshot), gwt setup and GAE.

    Apart from the fact, that i do not understand the generated code - particularly the code on the client site - , I am wondering if Spring Roo is the best / a good choice.

    My Problem:
    For example, I just want to use one Activity Manager where my ListView (the result table) and DetailView is shown, instead of one Activity Manager for MasterActivities (cell table) and one for DetailsActivities.

    But roo generates ApplicationDetailsActivities_Roo_Gwt and ApplicationMasterActivities_Roo_Gwt. So if I delete ApplicationDetailsActivities_Roo_Gwt, roo re-generates it.

    What is the best practise to deal with this issues?
    1) Just leave some generated classes unused?
    2) Don't use gwt setup and use roo just for domain objects.

    3) Is there a possibility to run: gwt setup -> then disable roo for all files except for the domain objects?

    I hope I could point out my problems.

    I already spent a lot of time trying to understand spring roo + gwt.

    Regards, Alex
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