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  • ROO 1.1.2 - Strange parser error in script execution - gwt addon

    Hi folks, I'm stuck with a strange parser error during gwt setup in ROO 1.1.2. I try to generate the web client layer with gwt setup after my entities have been generated successfully. The error is reproducable, the script aborts at the same position every time.

    Here's the CLI-Output for this error
    Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA\<package>\client\managed\ui\DefinitionRuleMobileEditView.ui.xml
    Created SRC_MAIN_JAVA\<package>\client\managed\ui\DefinitionRuleDetailsView.ui.xml
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_JAVA\<package>\ApplicationScaffold.gwt.xml
    Undo create SRC_MAIN_JAVA\<package>\client\managed\ui\DefinitionRuleDetailsView.ui.xml
    Undo create SRC_MAIN_JAVA\<package>\client\managed\ui\DefinitionRuleMobileEditView.ui.xml
    ....lots of undo stuff...
    Undo manage ROOT\pom.xml
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\web.xml
    Undo create SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\web.xml
    Undo create SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\spring\webmvc-config.xml
    Undo create SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\spring
    japa.parser.ParseException: Encountered " "." ". "" at line 105, column 13.
    Was expecting one of:
        "(" ...
        ";" ...
        "=" ...
        "++" ...
        "--" ...
        "+=" ...
        "-=" ...
        "*=" ...
        "/=" ...
        "&=" ...
        "|=" ...
        "^=" ...
        "%=" ...
        "<<=" ...
        ">>=" ...
        ">>>=" ...
    Script execution aborted
    I guess, the script exits in the context of 'DefinitionRule'-Entity, correct? See the entity definition below.

    ###persistence setup stuff...
    entity --class ~.<package>.HierarchyRule  --inheritanceType SINGLE_TABLE --abstract
    field string --fieldName hr_nameInternal --class ~.<package>.HierarchyRule
    field enum --fieldName hr_switchType --type ~.<otherpackage>.domain.types.ExpressionSwitchType
    entity --class ~.<package>.DefinitionRule --extends ~.<package>.HierarchyRule --testAutomatically 
    field reference --fieldName dr_cod --type ~.<otherpackage>.ConfigurationObjectTemplate --class ~.<package>.DefinitionRule
    field set --fieldName dr_dre --type ~.<package>.DefinitionRuleExpression --cardinality ONE_TO_MANY
    logging setup --level ERROR
    json all
    gwt setup
    security setup
    #using // Spring Roo 1.1.2.RELEASE [rev fbc33bb]
    I've absolutely no clue how to arrange with this, as the error message is unprecise and there is no possibility to debug the script execution. I guess, that this an internal error... Help is very appreciated.

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    OK, just found a solution as described here by switching to a ROO 1.1.3 snapshot. Consider this thread closed. Thx, roomour