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  • ROO and GWT without GAE?

    i just downloaded STS 2.5.2SR1 and tried using gwt setup command
    there is an issue

    it generate authentication system for GAE, i do not use GAE , i wanna use it in plain JPA hibernate without gae
    i do not want any GAE dependency
    so , how can i do that as the gwt setup does not take any arguments

    thanks a lot

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    Not sure I understand what you mean. If I don't specify GAE as a persistence provider, no app engine artefacts are present in the pom or other resource files. Can you give some more details on how to reproduce the issue?


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      I have the same "problem":

      I started with a fresh installation of the latest STS.
      Then I added the nucleus and google plugin.
      Now I created a new roo project and entered the roo console.

      After having setup the presistency and database, i created 1 entity with 2 fields.

      Then I executed "gwt setup".

      After quite some time the scaffold project was created.
      It created a ~.server.gae package that failed to compile.

      This package contains the classes:, and

      This package does not compile because the gae references could not be resolved:


      So it seems that:
      1) gae classes are being created.
      2) gae classes cannot be compiled dependencies are not set.

      I can although execute the application (from console: mvn gwt:run)
      which runs as expected.


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        Same problem at me.
        Can easily be reproduced with a out of the box windows jdk 1.6, current maven, current roo plain install. Just enter the commands from "try roo" from the homepage. Ideas?


        • #5
          Really easy, jsut do any sample application using only hibernate and hypersonic db as persistence and make sample entity then gwt setup
          you will see that it generate .server.gae packege with dependency on GAE


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            Any comment?

            Hey.... this is very trivial 4 u to solve and very blocking 4 us to use the platform
            any comment?!!!! anything ?!!
            Thanks in advance


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              Same problem to me.
              I'm using roo scripts to generate my entity layer and gwt request factory stuff in order to use the generated content at different places throughout my project. So actually, I just want to have maven compile and package the roo stuff automatically which is impossible, because of compile errors. So, this is quite annoying if one has to manually delete the GAE-Packages every time.
              But I guess, it's rather a google problem as they have contributed the gwt-addon, correct?
              Though, a simple workaroud should be to let maven delete the gae-folders in client, server and shared packages prior to compilation which is working quite well and eliminates the compile errors...


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                Hey any reply please....

                To the Core team...
                is this a known bug or feature?
                will this be addressed in the next version or any version , or shall we give up on it?


                • #9
                  Please raise a Jira issue on this


                  • #10
                    Ok ,i did that
                    please everyone who suffer from this , go to the url and vote on this issue

                    psssss core team... it does not take 16 days to tell me that i should file a jira


                    • #11
                      Hey fawzyj, sorry for the delay in responding. Can you please try our latest nightly build here and let me know if the problem still persists.


                      • #12
                        Nothing changed,it still generate ~server.gae with its classes depending on GAE libs
                        please provide some real solution


                        • #13
                          OK, i have to admit that even if it contain classes that depends (imports) GAE api
                          BUT at least it compiles now
                          which means that in my lib dir i have gae-api.lib.jar files and unnessery classes in ~.server.gae and friends
                          BUT at least it compiles and i can play with it now
                          Hope you resolve the issue with real solution (No generation of unnessery files and no inclusion of unnessery jars)


                          • #14
                            Hey fawzyj, I can't replicate the problem. Can you create a new project with the expenses.roo script (run "script expenses.roo" from the Roo shell). When I do this no additional gae specific classes, packages or dependencies are created. The only default dependency that is added, which I will look into removing is:

                            Removing this dependency manually doesn't cause the code to break either.


                            • #15
                              NO, it still generate~.server.gae
                              i am using 1.1.3 rev 0991feb
                              on windows vista with maven 2.2.1 and java jdk 6.0.17
                              the project was generated from the command line, no sts involved