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    You're right Ilian, thanks indeed.


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      hanging with status COMPLETING_STARTUP

      Sorry for the delay in the reply. I tried a breakpoint like you said, but the hang is before the help command gets executed. I poked around in the debugger, and the problem seems to be that the DBRE addon is hanging during startup. I dug into the stack, and found the FelixDispatchQueue thread is hanging trying to open a connection to This can be traced all the way down to the DBRE addon trying to retrieve the DTD for the .roo-dbre file, I'm behind a corporate firewall, so this just hangs.

      Apparently some magic happens in the Eclipse environment that makes this work, but I don't know how to get around this for debugging behind our firewall.

      EDIT: setting http.proxyHost and http.proxyPort in roo-dev.bat seems to have gotten around the problem.

      Originally posted by Ilian Iliev View Post
      Just to eliminate some possibilities, could you:
      • Try with a newer 1.1.3.BUILD-SNAPSHOT build.
      • Attach with a debugger, set a breakpoint to 'help' command entry point and check whether the hang will happen after you reach this entry point or somewhere after it.
        The entry point for 'help' command is in project '', class 'SimpleParserComponent', method 'obtainHelp'.
      If you reach the breakpoint in obtainHelp() method, then you can try to debug to to find where the hang happens by stepping-in the code.
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        This is a great post and the Ilian Iliev's response is terrific.

        I appreciate it a lot.


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          Thanks for the instructions

          Thanks a lot for the instructions, this information is missing in the official documentation or I wasn't able to find it.

          Best regards