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  • Does Spring Roo keep modification

    Hi everyone,

    I am studying Spring Roo and would like to use it in a new project. I have searched on the web for weeks already but couldn't find any revelant except this one:

    Still that doesn't solve my problem, so I put my question here.

    After I use commands to generated a project, can I manually insert some modification to the codes, no matter the jsp pages(eg. adding login logout buttons for Spring Security or Ajax control) or the java files(eg. class, controller or Hibernate persistent logic layer)? How can I keep the modification so that next time after I use commands to modify the project, I don't need to merge the changes line by line again.

    Any opinion is welcomed.

    Thank you very much.
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    For grasping a quick idea of what Roo is able to do and how to use it...

    Get a copy of It is the best source of Roo information -in my opinion so far.

    You can vist my showcases website. A 100% Spring Roo web app suite at and my articles site at too.

    I hope this help you

    B. Roogards


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      Hi B. Roogards

      It is very grateful to receive your reply, I really want to get the book immediately but still the book is not finished and the chapters available are very limited and only online verion.

      Does the book tell the handling of manual modification for the generated codes?

      Thank you very much.


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        Hi Timothy,

        Roo is relatively new project consequently there are not many books on it yet in the market. In fact in working in my book as we speak.

        The reference manual is really good too. Get the one I told you it is very comprehensive and you will understand many things of Roo. The critical parts are done. Most of the answers to you questions are there. I think chapter 6 is dedicated to ui stuff.

        I hope it help you

        K. Roogards


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          Hi B. Roogards

          After your recommendation, the book seems a must buy item...

          I will take a look at it.

          Thanks for your reply B. Roogards


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            I second the suggestion to get "Roo in Action" on MEAP, unless you already are an up to date Spring 3 developer with a sound focus on best practices.
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              Hi MiB,

              Thanks for your suggestion..

              Can you kindly suggest any other materials except the book?

              It seems that the books about Roo are so rare in the market.


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                Start with Spring Roo in Action...
                Let us know when done. I'll give other one(s) at that time.

                B Roogards