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  • Does anybody care about merge requests?

    In his posts Keith Donald advocates social coding, a thing that eases patch reviews very much. I gave it a try and submitted a simple feature that has already been asked for.

    Ok... my solution might be suboptimal, or even a total mess: go ahead, reject it! Or comment on it, but, please, do something! I will improve it and submit once again. That's the way social coding is supposed to be done (I guess).

    Ok... three days, not too much, I can wait. But hay, some of the merge requests will soon celebrate their month of being ignored. Acting this way you alienate people.

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    I like the guys that advocate social coding... while not been social.
    Bottom line: You have resolved your issue already. If you are so urgent to other use your solution you can post and article or blob. Nothing can be more "social" like that. On the alienate threat thing. You can alienate yourself. It is fine with me.

    Thank you


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      I must admin my initial post was somewhat aggressive. My apologies. I didn't mean to offend anybody.

      I'm not really that vain... well, yeah, that would be great if somebody used that tiny piece of markup I suggested, and I guess the one who really needs it will find the solution as it was already posted.

      The question was "what is the proper way to contribute" and why some contributions are ignored? Should we post to the forum? Well, we do. Or maybe fire the Jira issue? There're tons of them. Isn't their description thoroughly written? Do they need more feedback? I'm sure it will be provided. You say issue voting? Ok, noted (by the way, does it matter either, 'cos people ask).

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. The Spring Team is doing a terrific job and I appreciate it very much! Just give a hint on what to do to get noticed: Jira, Forum, Gitorious; fix spelling/formatting/commit messages/whatever?


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        good to see you calm down. As Jose already noted, you should be a little more patient with the Roo guys from down under. They are only 3 (!!!) guys having to do various tasks like answering questions in the forum, commenting JIRA issues, writing documentation, doing presentations at conferences, organising and steering community actions and - oh, I nearly forgot - coding Spring Roo!

        Therefore in my opinion we should be really glad they have so much energy and enthusiasm left to put into Roo itself and are themselves that patient with us - the impatient users. ;-)

        Just my 2 cent.