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  • Clinic.roo failed with GWT

    The current clinic.roo scrict fails when executing gwt:setup afterwards. The old GWT primitive type problem for fields (e.g. boolean Boolean).

    // Spring Roo 1.1.0.RELEASE [rev 793f2b0] log opened at 2010-12-06 16:22:03
    project --topLevelPackage com.springsource.petclinic
    persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database HYPERSONIC_IN_MEMORY
    enum type --class ~.reference.PetType
    enum constant --name Dog
    enum constant --name Cat
    enum constant --name Bird
    enum type --class ~.reference.Specialty
    enum constant --name Cardiology
    enum constant --name Dentistry
    enum constant --name Nutrition
    entity --class ~.domain.Pet --testAutomatically
    entity --class ~.domain.Visit --testAutomatically
    entity --class ~.domain.AbstractPerson --abstract
    entity --class ~.domain.Vet --extends ~.domain.AbstractPerson --testAutomatically
    entity --class ~.domain.Owner --extends ~.domain.AbstractPerson --testAutomatically
    field string --fieldName firstName --sizeMin 3 --sizeMax 30 --class ~.domain.AbstractPerson
    field string --fieldName lastName --notNull --sizeMin 3 --sizeMax 30
    field string --fieldName address --notNull --sizeMax 50 --sizeMin 1
    field string --fieldName city --notNull --sizeMax 30
    field string --fieldName telephone --notNull
    field string --fieldName homePage --sizeMax 30
    field string --fieldName email --sizeMax 30 --sizeMin 6
    field date --fieldName birthDay --type java.util.Date --notNull
    field string --fieldName description --sizeMax 255 --class ~.domain.Visit
    field date --fieldName visitDate --type java.util.Date --notNull --past
    field reference --fieldName pet --type ~.domain.Pet --notNull
    field reference --fieldName vet --type ~.domain.Vet
    field boolean --fieldName sendReminders --notNull --primitive --class ~.domain.Pet
    field string --fieldName name --notNull --sizeMin 1
    field number --fieldName weight --type java.lang.Float --notNull --min 0
    field reference --fieldName owner --type ~.domain.Owner
    field enum --fieldName type --type ~.reference.PetType --notNull
    field date --fieldName employedSince --type java.util.Calendar --notNull --past --class ~.domain.Vet
    field enum --fieldName specialty --type ~.reference.Specialty --notNull false
    field set --class ~.domain.Owner --fieldName pets --element ~.domain.Pet --mappedBy owner --notNull false --cardinality ONE_TO_MANY
    finder add --finderName findPetsByNameAndWeight --class ~.domain.Pet
    finder add --finderName findPetsByOwner
    finder add --finderName findPetsBySendRemindersAndWeightLessThan
    finder add --finderName findPetsByTypeAndNameLike
    finder add --finderName findVisitsByDescriptionAndVisitDate --class ~.domain.Visit
    finder add --finderName findVisitsByVisitDateBetween
    finder add --finderName findVisitsByDescriptionLike
    controller all --package ~.web
    web mvc install language --code de
    web mvc install language --code es
    selenium test --controller ~.web.OwnerController
    selenium test --controller ~.web.PetController
    selenium test --controller ~.web.VetController
    selenium test --controller ~.web.VisitController
    logging setup --level DEBUG
    // script clinic.roo
    // [failed] gwt setup

  • #2
    The GWT add-on does not currently offer the same support for scaffolding compared to the MVC add-on. Especially relationships require special attention. So the clinic.roo script currently works for MVC scaffolding only. To see the GWT add-on in action you can use the expenses.roo script.