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  • Problem with expenses demo & STS 2.5.0.M3

    After having problems with launching a GWT Roo app in STS 2.5.0.M3, as described here:

    I wiped the workspace, created a new Roo app, used "script expenses.roo" to populate the project, then updated the project dependencies through Maven (the fix suggested in the above thread).

    I'm now getting an error in, on this line:

    private final EventBus eventBus = new HandlerManager(null);
    Saying that HandlerManager cannot be converted to EventBus.

    As this is scaffolding code, I'd expect it to just work. Can someone point me to a configuration issue that might be keeping it from working?

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    Are you by any chance compiling an M3 roo project with a RC1 GWT compiler?

    It appears that in M3, EventBus was an interface implemented by HandlerManager which would mean the line of code in question was valid.

    But in RC1 HandlerManager is deprecated and EventBus is an unrelated object which is why I think you are getting the error.

    If I change the GWT SDK of my Roo M3 generated Expenses project properties in Eclipse to RC1 then I get the same error reported. (Also have to adjust the order of the build path to set maven at the bottom for this to work)


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      Thanks for the reply!

      This is all with a stock install of STS 2.5.0.M3, with a fresh install of GWT 2.0.4. Is that version of GWT not compatible with M3?


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        They have been releasing synchronized milestone versions so I think its best to use the M3 version of GWT with a project built by Roo M3. If you change to this your error message may well disappear.


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          Installing GWT 2.1 did work.

          I have to say, though, that the integration with STS wasn't very intuitive. With Eclipse, you expect to be able to use an update link to get the right version, but I had to download a zip file and change the build path myself.

          Hopefully they'll work on bundling the right version of GWT with STS in the future, so it just automatically works.

          For now, though, I'm at least compiling!


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            Okay, finally got things sorted by going back to a fresh install of STS.

            The problem was that when I first installed STS and went to the extensions tab, I did not see the Google plugin listed there, so installed it the way I always had (which got me an incompatible version).

            You have to maximize the extensions tab to get the scroll bars and see the rest of the many extensions you can install (including Google's).

            So yes, links to the compatible versions are there in STS, but they weren't immediately obvious (to me, at least).


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              I guess I spoke too quickly. The version of GWT downloaded through the Extensions tab was still an RC1 version, apparently incompatible with the M3 version of Roo that STS came bundled with.


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                Problem with expenses demo & STS 2.5.0.M3 *Fixed*

                I changed to GWT 2.1.0.M3 and that did the trick

                1. download
                2. unzip it to a directory ( /home/alex/libs/ for example)
                3. right click on the GWT SDK library on Package explorer/Properties/configure sdk
                4 add the new sdk
                5 select as default
                6 clean project, rebuild
                7 run as webapp
                8 done.



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                  Well, it's getting closer.

                  I can start it as a web app after changing to gwt-2.1.0.m3, and go to localhost:8888/, but it tells me the GWT module applicationScaffold may need recompiled. A clean and rebuild of the project doesn't change the message. I get the same message by going direct to ApplicationScaffold.html in the URL.


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                    same problem

                    I'm having the same trouble. Any luck getting rid of the "GWT module 'applicationScaffold' may need to be (re)compiled" error?


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                      The release version of STS 2.5 does not give me the error. I still have trouble running the app, just sits at a web page that says, "Loading..." That's running it through the Spring server, not via the Google server...for some reason I'm not getting "Run As Web App" as an option for the project.